Lonesome Dove Remembered

Over hang looking at the Rio Grande


I walked over to the lookout point taking in the beauty of the Rio Grande knowing it was the same spot Woodrow, Gus, and Jake had gazed on this same sight.

My son and Granddaughters were milling about taking videos and still pictures but I was oblivious to all but the town and knowing that time was short and it wouldn't be fair to tie up Mr. Kincaid all day.

I went back to the barn to gather my booty and added Gus's window to my collection as well as a piece of the stucco that is prominent in the movie and some wood shingles. I was lucky to get these as Mr. Kincaid single handedly stopped a wild fire that had burned part of the roof.

One of the things I noticed most looking back was that in the movie everything looked like a desert but in real life it was as green as Illinois.

Our hosts Mr. and Mrs. John Kincaid

It was time to go and let our host enjoy some of his day off but how could I tell this man how much his gesture meant to us. Taking us in like family and treating us as good as gold, I always thought that, these days, it is a rare thing to find this this kind of person. I discovered that it is the way of Texans and its no wonder that most of our heroes come from TEXAS.

Lonesome Dove Fans
New August 18, 2012
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I want to see if there is interest before I start we are close to 20,000 friends of Lonesome Dove and now you can own the last photos of a great movie.
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Production Coordinator
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Credit to
Cary White
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