Video we took.

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We turned in to the property and closed the big gate behind us. Mr. Kincaid showed us the dipping tanks where the cattle were dipped to keep them from getting Mexican tick fever and a few corals that held them. Next we drove by the spot that Tommy Lee Jones put up his teepee that he used to rest during the filming of his movies.

Next we drove thru a creek that was the spot Gus and Lorena went swimming and saw Blue Duck.
It surprisingly is only a short distance from the bunkhouse.

Shot from the movie


Then in the midday sun I saw the holy grail (the Bunkhouse). We drove up to it with all the glee of a child in a candy store with a credit card.

The bunkhouse was paramount to me as any fan could imagine, but it was in pretty poor condition and was barely safe to walk in now.

After repeated warnings from Mr. Kincaid about rattlesnakes everywhere and and to be careful not to step on nails in the board, I walked in the very room where Woodrow, Gus, Newt, Peaeye, Bolivar, Deets, Dish and Jake had a meal and an argument or two.

Place where Gus made Biscuits

The interior was stripped out and everything was gone except for a bar that had been made for The Streets of Laredo
(Judge Roy Bean's bar).

As I sat on the porch where Bolivar sat I looked out to the barn and to my surprise someone had "thought a roof back on the barn".

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